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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Card for Neil & Laura..10th Anniversary

Another experimental card...but quite pleases with the finished effect.

New Baby Boy Card

Made a card for son and daughter in law's 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday(see post above this)....and was playing around with some text and graphics.....so played around some more and came up with this.
Think I will find a use for this method quite a lot in the future.

Feather and Fan Card

Inspiration for this card came from a tutorial I came across some time back....sorry...can't even remember who it is I have to thank now......so if it is you...thank you!
Paper folded fan

made with BG paper and border graphics from Gina Jane's Cottage Roses collection...Fiskars punched border added.
Roses again from Sizzix die cut...I love these.....then fluffy feather and voile bow added for effect.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Rosebud Card Sheets and Tutorial

Some have asked how the 'Rosebud Shelf' card is constructed...so I've put together a little tutorial and have included the sheets so that you can have a go yourself.

Here is the finished card.....

1 - Print all sheets [1 - 5]see below... on cardstock - and decoupage sheet [6] on your preferred paper.
2 - Cut out all pieces including white area slots.
3 - Glue wrong sides together with a gluestick..... i.e. .A&B, C&D etc...this will make the card more sturdy and will cover all white areas when viewed from every angle.

4 - Score and fold on all dotted lines.

5 - Fold glued piece A/B (main card) in half ...with the sentiment box (pink area on piece B) to the outside....this will be at the back of the card.

6 - Slide glued piece C/D through both slots...front first ...of the main card.....(fold the tabs on dotted lines to get through the slots) This will form the 'shelf'.

7. - Once slotted through...open the main card into a tent shape...then unfold the tabs at the back of the card.

8 - Decoupage the bow on the top of piece G/H then slide this piece through the slot in the tent area.
(Fold the tabs on dotted lines to slide through..then open tabs out when through)

9 - Thread glued piece E/F down through the back slot on the shelf...again folding then unfolding on dotted lines.

You can decoupage this piece either before or after slotting into place.
This is how you card should appear from above.

10 - Finally...slide piece I/J down through the front slot (no folding needed on this piece, it just rests on the shelf)

11 - Add remaining decoupage as required...add your sentiment and signature in the box on the back......card folds flat for posting.


Hope you have fun making this card.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lavender Roses

.a slight deviation of an A5 card we made at Dawn W's last craft day.
...I loved the roses we made....so I invested in a Sizzix diecut and can now make them in any colour I want

....going to save this one for the birthday of a dear friend who just adores everything lavender!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Card for my little Rosebud

..who becomes two on the 15th....can't believe how that 2 years has flown over!
....I haven't made many cards of late......special requests and family cards only....but wanted something special for this recipient ....so I had a go at designing my own 'shelf card'.....quite pleased with the result.
...of course I had to use one of my 'Lottie' drawings for Charlotte Rose....and the roses speak for themselves!

....hopefully this one may kickstart my mojo into touch again...lol